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12 July - 12 August 2008

Exhibition "Α. MAYO: A GREEK IN PARIS"

Fine Arts Programme & Exhibitions

The theme of the 2008 Fine Arts programme was the presentation of the work of the surrealist artist Antoine Mayo (Anthony Malliarakis), 1905-1990, who lived and worked in Paris.

The exhibits included a total of 34 works (mainly oil paintings and some projects in ink) that were created in the period 1934-1975.

The one-day conference Postwar Generation: Greek artists in Paris was held during the official opening of the exhibition, on Saturday, 12 July.


Rector Helene Ahrweiler

Efi Andreadi, art critic

Lina Tsikouta, art historian, curator at the National Gallery

Niki Loizidi, professor, art historian

Emmanuel Mavromatis, professor, art historian

Jean Marie Drot, art historian

Jean-Gilles Malliarakis

A film of Jean-Marie Drot on the life and work of A. Mayo was also screened.

The exhibition A. Mayo: a Greek in Paris was part of the events organised by Greece in honor of the French Presidency of the European Union.

Curator: Efi Andreadi, art critic

Duration: 12 July-12 August 2008

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