Young Artists

The Young Artists programme was established in 2007 and includes a series of workshops, master classes, lectures and artistic presentations for students and new artists from all the fields of the performing arts. 

The aim of the European Cultural Centre of Delphi is to encourage young artists and art students to actively participate in the formulation of the programme through an open communication platform (social networking sites, blogs). Interested parties can submit proposals and/or original work in a format that will be decided in advance (e.g. small literary and poetic text, music composition, story-telling, visual and audiovisual installation, extracts of a new theatrical project). At the same time, through the same platform, the participants will have a chance to enter into a dialogue, to get acquainted with each other’s artistic proposals in order to work together, if they wish, for the final result.

A small number of projects will be presented at Delphi during a special event for Young Artists. The selection of projects will be made by a special artistic committee and the participants themselves.