Administration Council


Hélène Ahrweiler
Rector of the University of Europe


Thanos Veremis
Professor of Political Science, University of Athens



Constantinos Christidis, Lawyer-Economist

Michael-Efstratios Daratzikis, Ambassador, Director of Educational and Cultural Affairs Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Demetrios Issaias, Professor School of Architecture NTUA

Yorgos Kalamantis, Head of International Relations and EU Affairs Department, Ministry of Culture and Sports

Panayotis Roilos, Professor of Modern Greek Studies, Harvard University

Voula Tsouna, Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of California, Santa Barbara

Βjorn Berge, Director of the Cabinet of Secretary General of the Council of Europe

Stefano Dominioni, Executive Secretary, Council of Europe, Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes -Directorate General of Democracy, Director, European Institute of Cultural Routes.

Hanna Jedras, Chief Expert- Department of International Relations Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Poland

Fouli (Lee) Minaidi, Deputy Secretary General, Organisation of World Heritage Cities 


Ekaterini Antonopoulou, Department of International Relations and EU Affairs, Ministry of Culture and Sports

Evgenia Gerousi-Bedermaher, Director, Special Service of Promotion and Development of Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Creation, Ministry of Culture and Sports

Evgenia Lalapanou-Vossou, Jurist

Konstantinos Papageorgiou, Professor Philosophy of Law, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Athanasios Paresoglou, Ambassador, Director of the Diplomatic Cabinet of the Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs

Denis Zacharopoulos, Historian, Art critic